Clinical Insights

7 בJanuary 2020

Final Test Report For Oxitone Medical, Ltd – Results of the SpO2 Accuracy Validation of Oxitone 1000 Pulse Oximeter via Reference CO-Oximetry

An SpO2 accuracy comparison was conducted as part of the final Pulse Oximetry validation for the Oxitone 1000 Pulse Oximeter. The purpose of this study was […]
7 בJanuary 2020

Study to Evaluate the Precision & Accuracy of the Oxitone 1000 When Used in a Continuous & Spot Prospective Mode for Non-Invasive Oxygen Saturation Measurements

This report presents the statistical analyses performed on the data from the QD04 study – Trial to Evaluate the Precision and Accuracy of the Oxitone 1000 […]
7 בJanuary 2020

Wrist-Sensor Pulse Oximeter Enables Prolonged Patient Monitoring in Chronic Lung Diseases

Pulse oximetry is an important diagnostic tool in monitoring and treating both in-patients and ambulatory patients. Modern pulse oximeters exploit different body sites (eg fingertip, forehead […]