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The First FDA-cleared Wrist Blood Oxygen Sensor

Keeping People Healthier@Home Through Next Generation,

Digital Continuous Care


Unlike conventional medical devices Oxitone

combines innovative technology with outstanding

watch like ergonomic design.



Our patents enable pulse oximetry monitoring that includes SpO2 and pulse rate taken from the wrist anytime, anywhere.


Straight forward and easy to operate wrist-sensor

medical device creates a great user experience

that boosts patient compliance.


Comfortable to wear, spot-check operational mode, color OLED display, long-life rechargeable battery, medical grade accuracy.

Patients leverage their health data to live active and safe lives

  • Digital biomarkers and activity tracker
  • Patient symptoms self-assessment (CCQ)
  • Color coded alarms and live notifications
  • Care plan compliance score
  • Patient Dynamic Health Status
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports 
  • Care team contact list
  • Patient education

Physicians enhance efficiency of care and clinical outcomes

  • Physicians’ web portal  
  • Secured cloud Infrastructure
  • Data analytical tools
  • Dashboard and reports
  • EMR integration and APIs
  • Data delivery on demand
  • Live notifications 
  • Communication tools with patients 

Oxitone 1000 Wrist-sensor Pulse Oximeter 

Oxitone gives you, your care team and loved ones the

insights to track and manage disease, to identify issues

for early intervention and to avoid hospitalizations.

Product Highlights:  
  • Wrist-sensor pulse oximeter without fingertip probe
  • SpO2, pulse rate and activity monitoring 
  • Integrated into telemedicine hubs via Bluetooth  
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Rechargeable lithium long life battery. 
  • Easy to read OLED display
  • Environmentally friendly
  • FDA 510(k) Clearance (NO: K163382)
  • CE Mark

“ Using Oxitone…to recognize problems before they happen.” - 

“ A step further…what’s really going to save lives.” -   

"Our Son's epilepsy has remained refractory, regardless of the medications we have given him, including cannabinol, benzodiazepines, etc. We believe that Oxitone wrist pulse oximeter will help us to supervise our son."-


Anne S.


"My husband's diaphragm is weak on left side due to major cardiac surgery (aortic graph). Oxitone device would be helpful as he remains active but seems to be "losing his air"(as he calls it) more frequently. The fingertip device is not readily accessible when needed."-


Ann B.

United States

"I’m very interested in purchasing one of these watches Oxitone 1000 wrist pulse oximeter because my dad has had two heart episodes during these past years and I wish that he were constantly monitored by one of your devices."-


Jose A.

Mexico City