COVID-19 Wearable Pulse Oximetry Continuous Monitoring Kit

Remote Continuous Surveillance System

Our accurate and passive wearable monitoring solution helps you to focus on delivering the best clinical outcomes. Our flagman device, Oxitone 1000M wrist pulse oximeter and physiological monitor is the industry’s first FDA-cleared medical device with all sensors placed around a wrist ulna bone that gives you back continuous reading and health status report.

Who We Serve

20% of severe chronic patients consume 80% of healthcare expenses and clinician’s time while causing stress, anxiety and frustration. The available solutions produce incomplete patient data leading to overburdened decision-making processes. With Oxitone, clinicians effortlessly helps thousands of high-risk patients just in one click.

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Traditional Remote Care

  • Episodic occasional data

  • Off-line clinical response

  • Threshold-based alert

  • Costly, “manual” follow-up


Remote Continuous Care

  • Real-time continuous data

  • Continuous care flow

  • AI-Powered predictive alert

  • “Automated” follow-up

Why Oxitone

Oxitone boosts value-based healthcare by delivering extraordinary patient, clinical and economical outcomes at reduced medical utilization and cost. Patients need a prompt response to emergencies. Physicians need an easy and timely follow-up with patients. Our mission is to transform chronic disease management.

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