Why Oxitone?

Oxitone Delivers:

For High Risk Patients

Prompt response to upcoming emergencies

For Physicians

An easy and timely follow-up with patients

Follow-Up 1000 Patients in 1 Click

Follow-up of chronic patients is a costly challenge. Oxitone has developed a full-suite, FDA-cleared solution for continuously generating automated medical follow-up.  In one click, clinicians can unlock patients' real-time intelligent insights and effortlessly follow-up hundreds of high-risk patients. Oxitone boosts value-based healthcare by delivering extraordinary patient, clinical and economical outcomes and reducing utilization cost.

The Need

Failures of care coordination and timely care delivery resulted in about $150 billion in annual wasteful spending. The available solutions merely provide episodic measurements, produce discontinuous patient data, and therefore lead to decision-making based on incomplete information. Patients need a prompt response to emergencies. Physicians need an easy and timely follow-up with patients.

Digital Continuous Care Flow Diagram

About Us

Oxitone is a pioneering digital continuous care model with its innovative AI-powered RPM solution that includes three patented innovations: an FDA-cleared wrist-sensor multi-parameter medical monitor and SaaS clinician’s portal powered by AI medical intelligence tools. The combination of AI’s predictive power with the convenience of wearable medical technology enables clear definition of patient risk categories, speeds up care delivery and accelerates access to care. Our mission is to transform chronic disease management.

New Opportunities for Healthcare Professionals

  • Supportive supervision for primary care
  • Enhanced sleep / stress monitoring services
  • Advanced, long-term continuous RPM programs

New Opportunities for Healthcare Providers

  • Low-cost follow-up after discharge
  • Reduce labor cost and care utilization
  • Services enhancement & upsells

Key Benefits for High Risk Chronic Patients

  • Rapid clinical follow-up
  • Keeping out of hospital
  • Peace of mind