Pharma & CRO

To collect and analyze real-time, 
patient-specific drug-related issues

Real-world evidence is increasingly used to aid the clinical development process. Showing how effectively medicines work outside the clinic can add a powerful new dimension to the traditional gold standard of randomized clinical trials by providing patient-specific drug-related information on short- and long-term clinical interventions.

There are several things companies can do in order to optimize their trial data. Having the right trial design and a fit-for-purpose protocol which incorporates continuous, real-time patient data is the first step.

There are myriad ways in which this data can be generated including data collected from wearable medical devices like Oxitone 1000M. Once up and running, data collection must be streamlined and duplication of effort or data avoided. Appropriate use should be made of new technologies, particularly in data analytics and visualization. Underpinning all of these requirements is close collaboration between digital health companies, CRO and the trial sponsor, with clarity on all aspects of their partnership. As trials continue, they may progress as planned or unforeseen results and outcomes may crop up.

Oxitone offers partnership with pharma and CRO in the following areas:

Information: continuous and prolonged patients' medical data acquisition

Insights: building and interpreting patient's baseline including patient-specific drug-related response library

Adherence: base-line grounded automated patient adherence tools.

Engagement: delivering personalized content, resources and interventions across the patients' journey to keep them engaged and on therapy.