Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the Oxitone Watch parameters?
Concurrently measures PR, SpO2, HRV and skin temperature, streams measured data to the cloud via a Bluetooth-paired mobile application, saves measured data internally, storing up to four and one-half days of continuous measurements for later download, has at least 30 hours of battery life between charges.
2What is the sampling frequency?
1 Hz, 1 sample every second
3What is included in the device kit?
The Watch is packed with a charger, including magnetic attachment and charger power supply, adapted to your wall AC outlet.
4How much data can be stored on the watch before it has to be connected to the app?
The Oxitone watch itself may collect measured data up to 4.5 days continuously. You have to use our special BT dongle to download the collected data from the watch directly to the PC. Another way, Oxitone watch may stream the measured data to cloud storage without any limitations. But cloud storage will get the data beginning from the moment of the cloud connection.
5When will be available the Respiratory Rate parameter?
The Respiratory Rate function will ready by the end of first quarter of 2020
6What happens if the Bluetooth get disconnects from the app?
The data won’t be transferred to the app.