Oxitone Medical has launched mass-production of new generation devices

We are proud to announce that Oxitone Medical, a world leader in wrist-wearable medical technologies, has begun mass-producing and delivering the world’s first FDA-cleared wrist-sensor pulse oximetry monitor to our customers.


In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to release a  product with exciting capabilities. We believe that our Oxitone 1000M will widely replace bulky fingertip oximeters and enable physicians to dramatically improve follow-up with patients, efficiency of care and, as a results, patient outcome.

So what is Oxitone all about?

  • For High Risk Patients – Prompt response to upcoming emergencies
  • For Physicians – An easy and timely follow-up with patients

Follow-up of chronic patients is a costly challenge. Oxitone has developed a solution that enables clinicians unlock patients’ real-time intelligent insights and effortlessly follow-up hundreds of high-risk patients. Oxitone boosts value-based healthcare by delivering extraordinary patient, clinical and economical outcomes and reducing utilization cost.